Were you looking for The Big One?

Start NPC Travonce - Tavnazian Safehold (F-9)
Requirements Reputation: ?
Chains of Promathia
Repeatable Yes
Reward Dragon Chronicles
Glass Fiber Fishing Rod
Sinking Minnow
Various items fished up by Travonce (Raptor Helm and Rusty Subligar confirmed)


Lufaise Meadows

  • Travonce will talk about wanting to catch the "Big One" before he dies. He will ask you to escort him while he fishes. Once you accept, He tells you to get prepared and to meet him at the Port after Lunch but before it gets too late.
  • Between 13:00 - 15:00. Head out through the south eastern exit. The first person (with the quest) that enters Lufaise Meadows will get a quick cutscene.
  • Make sure everyone in your party is in Lufaise Meadows before talking to Travonce after the Cutscene. The persons not in Lufaise Meadows will not be able to participate.
  • Your levels will be capped at 45.
  • Travonce will stop on the bridge and will fish up his first Notorious Monster. Kill it and wait for him (if he doesnt seem to be moving, click on him OR take the lead if talking to him doesn't work; if the entire party is not walking in front of him, he may have glitched movements while standing in place).
  • Travonce now decides to move to the sea. Escort him there by killing the Orcs and Bugards that Aggro.
  • Travonce can be cured.
  • Travonce fishes up items that are put into the party's treasure pool. Rusty Subligar and Raptor Helm (a "decapitated head" according to Travonce) have been confirmed.
  • Once Travonce is in his second position, he will start fishing, He will eventually fish up another Notorious Monster. Kill it and wait for him. He then continues to fish, he may catch items and/or another Notorious Monster. Kill it and get ready to move again.
  • Travonce will head towards the Lake up North. Clear the Orcs on the way.
  • Travonce will reach his final spot and will start to fish. It is a good idea to clear the Leeches in the area. He will again fish up both items and Notorious Monsters. He will catch 3 monsters and then he catches "The Big One" which is just a flesh Notorious Monster.
  • When he is finished he will give you a Travonce's Escort Award (Key Item).
  • Return to Tavnazian Safehold and speak to Travonce at F-9 on the bottom floor near the River for your reward.
  • Any of the escort quests can be easily deactivated by talking to the same person who gave you the quest.
  • If the escortee dies, you only have to zone out and zone back in to restart the quest.
  • This quest can be completed once per Conquest Tally.
  • You cannot sneak or invisible the escortee.
  • The various Notorious Monsters that are fished up on this quest are:

Game Description

Travonce (Tributary, Tavnazian Safehold)
Travonce's final wish before he dies is to reel in "the big one." However, your services are required to protect him from the monsters that lurk below the calm waters of Lufaise Meadows.