Mission Name The Beginning
Number 1-1-4
Requirements Rise of the Zilart
Reward Key ItemReisenjima Sanctorium orb
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Set Free Flames of Prayer
Replay Cutscenes
The Beginning (pt.1-2) Battal Selbina (H-8)
The Beginning (pt.1-2) Mathele Mhaura (H-9)


Selbina Path:

Note: if you are playing on a Trial Account you will be unable to proceed any further, as it doesn't include Rise of the Zilart. You will be prevented from proceeding even if you have a full installation on your system.

  • The cutscene will end with you in Norg.

Mhaura Path:

  • Talk to Tonasav (H-9) in Mhaura and choose "Yes" for a cutscene.
    • The cutscene will end with you in Norg.

Both Paths:

Game Description

Mission Orders
Gilgamesh claims that he chanced upon a young woman while sailing the stormy western seas, and wants you to meet her in Norg. Speak to his crew when you are ready to leave, but those with Gilgamesh's letter of introduction should use it first.