Start NPC Rycharde - Mhaura I-8
Requirements Windurst Reputation ?
Items Needed Popoto
Title Granted Five-star Purveyor
Reward Tea Set
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The Clue None



  • You must wait 8 game days after finishing The Clue before Rycharde will give you this quest.
  • Rycharde now wants you to deliver his cuisine to his father Valgeir to once again try to show his cooking skills to him. Rycharde will have your ferry fee paid for, so head off to Selbina.
  • It doesn't matter if you take the ferry or not. The quest will still progress regardless how you get there.
  • Take the Mhauran Couscous (key item) to Valgeir.
  • Valgeir then hands you a Popoto item to give back to his son.
  • Take the Popoto back to Rycharde to complete the quest.
    • The following steps are optional and not necessary to have the quest show up in the Completed Quests log.
    • You can go back to Selbina again and talk to Valgeir to find out why he gave the Popoto to his son.
    • If you return to Rycharde you will find out if he has learned anything.

Game Description

Rycharde (Sailors' Stay, Mhaura)
Rycharde wants you to deliver a dish to Valgeir in Selbina, and report on how he liked it.
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