Start NPC Degenhard - Bastok Markets (I-10)
Requirements Bastok Reputation 1
Items Needed Bone Chip x 1
Repeatable No
Reward Map of the Dangruf Wadi and 2k exp


  • (Optional) Talk to Degenhard; he talks about a vitality formula but won't tell you any more until you bring him his secret ingredient. Unfortunately, he doesn't tell you what the ingredient is.
  • (Optional) Talk to Biggorf nearby; he says that he's seen people giving Degenhard Bone Chips. This only happens if you talk to Biggorf after talking to Degenhard.
  • Obtain a Bone Chip and trade it to Degenhard to complete the quest.
  • If you already bought the map, you will just receive the 2,000 experience points.


  • This quest will never appear in Bastok: Current Quests, even after you talk to Degenhard and/or Biggorf, and hence will remain unflagged at an Adventurer's Assistant until completed.

Game Description

Degenhard (Near Galkan Bridge, Bastok Markets)
Bring Degenhard the item that he uses to keep himself youthful.
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