Start NPC Exoroche (A) - Abyssea - La Theine Central Encampment (Conflux 4, H-7)
Items Needed Any one of the following:
Rusty Shield
Rusty Zaghnal
Rusty Spear
Rusty Kunai
Repeatable Yes
Reward 40 Cruor for Rusty Kunai

80 Cruor for Rusty Spear
120 Cruor for Rusty Zaghnal
360 Cruor and Evolith for Rusty Shield


  • Exoroche asks for rusty shields, zaghnals, spears, or kunai.
  • Rusty Kunai can be obtained in any of the 4 ponds in Abyssea - La Theine.
  • Rusty Spears can be obtained in the large pond south of the northern encampment and give three exclamation marks (!!!).
  • Rusty Zaghnals can be obtained in the southeastern most pond nearest to the southeast encampment.
  • Rusty Shields are obtained from killing Crabs which are frequently fished up in the pools in Abyssea - La Theine. The crabs are Decent Challenge to level 78, but take care as the Notorious Monster Nahn can also be caught at these pools.
  • If you get a message with three exclamation marks (!!!) such as "Something caught the hook!!!", you might have fished up a monster and should consider cancelling it. If you are not skilled at distinguishing a monster from an item when fishing, or don't have a job that can solo crabs, you should cancel.
  • You should also fish on the the south side of the conflux #04 lake to avoid chat log spam from people trying to fish up the NM, which scrolls away the !!! message.
  • Bait or Lures for salt-water fishing, such as a Shrimp Lure, yield the best results for rusty items.
  • This is an excellent quest for capping out fame in this zone since it can be quickly repeated multiple times without needing to leave the zone.
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