Mission Name That Which Curdles Blood
Number 3
Items Needed Enfeeblement Kit of Silence or
Enfeeblement Kit of Blindness or
Enfeeblement Kit of Poison or
Enfeeblement Kit of Sleep
Reward Domina's scarlet seal
Domina's cerulean seal
Domina's emerald seal
Domina's amber seal
Domina's violet seal
Domina's azure seal
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Burgeoning Dread Sugar-coated Directive


  • IMPORTANT NOTE: If you need to check which kit you're making, talk with Kuroido-Moido in Port Windurst (E-7) (Home Point #1). Do NOT check the Goblin Footprint; the mentioned kit will be random.
  • Speak to the NPCs in their respective cities to "learn" more about the recipes.
    • It is not required to speak with any of the NPCs to start collecting or crafting.
    • It is not required to have the add-on to craft the items.


  • Synthesize using the kit or the above materials to get the Padded Box.

San d'Oria

  • Synthesize one sheet of Parchment and one Pumice Stone together to get the Fine Parchment. You will need two of these.

Note: If you have the quest An Understanding Overlord? and have not traded Faulpie the items requested, she will not initially mention the items needed for this mission. Keep talking to her until you get the dialogue.


  • Talk to Abd-al-Raziq on the top floor of the Alchemist's Guild in Bastok Mines and he will tell you to get the following items:
  • Synthesize one jar of Black Ink and one vial of Magicked Blood together to get the Enchanted Ink. You will need two of these.

Finished Product

Qufim Island

  • Once the Enfeebling Kit has been crafted, head to Qufim Island (H-7). Trade the Enfeebling Kit to the Trodden Snow located in the center of the pond.


  • To get the final product, the Enfeebling Kit, the crafted ingredients must be synthed together personally, as the Enfeebling Kit is exclusive.
  • It is recommended to synth the Enfeebling Kit with at least a level 10 Alchemy Skill. It is possible to synth with no skill at all, but the success rate is very low.
Alchemy Skill Up Guide:
Levels 0-6: Tsurara
Ice Crystal
2 Distilled Waters
1 Rock Salt
Levels 6-9: Cornstarch
Lightning Crystal
2 Millioncorn

Game Description

Mission Orders
You have been served what appears to be a draft card inducting you into the Shantotto Empire as a special operative. Report to provisional headquarters located on Qufim Island with extreme haste... and the specified gifts of tribute.