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Thanks and Praises
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Recently, each nation's Moogles organized a celebration of sorts to honor the deeds of Vana'diel's adventurers.

As usual, the Moogles appeared out of nowhere on the streets, and offered what they claimed to be secret information to passing adventurers. One often-heard term was the "Moogle scale of adventuring activity," which the Moogles would mention before handing the adventurers special fireworks, among other things.

According to related sources, the Moogle scale of adventuring activity is a numerical attribute that is calculated from various factors, such as how many conversations the adventurer has had, how many parties they have been part of, how many times they have fallen in battle, etc.

Thanks and Praises

Though one may ponder the mystery of how the Moogles obtained such information on each and every adventurer, it may be more important to contemplate the fruits of their labor, and not the means.

"Adventurer Appreciation" - perhaps some veteran adventurers have heard of it before. Indeed, such an event had been held once before.

A moogle delivery clerk that frequents the editorial office was quoted as saying:

"It's been a while since we last did this, kupo! So we thought it was time to show our appreciation to the adventurers again! Thanks for always protecting our cities! Let's always look out for each other, kupo!"

So much has happened since the first adventurers began appearing at our city gates. What do these adventurers feel when they look back on their experiences? Adventurers sent in the following thoughts to our editors:

New people still overtake me all the time, but slow and steady wins the race! (Mizuho / Bahamut)

Let's see how far I get with my fists alone! (Illusion / Shiva)

My adventures in Vana'diel have been totally awesome! (Walace / Titan)

In a world filled with monsters, one can always find hope with a friend. (Phann / Ramuh)

I love the thrill of waiting to pounce on the next monster with my party! (Hawkk / Phoenix)

Where should I go for a stroll today? (Arpegio / Carbuncle)

It's my memories of yesterday that keep me working towards tomorrow. (Valion / Fenrir)

Thanks to everyone I've met so far. I love you all! (Legth / Sylph)

I want to trade in my axes for an apron. (Karula / Valefor)

Thank you for the adventures, the friendships, and the memories. (Dante / Alexander)

May you all meet people who will change your lives. (Laceru / Leviathan)

I look back fondly at my very first party getting wiped out. (Marcus / Odin)

My adventures have been filled with hellos and goodbyes. (Kenkun / Ifrit)

I began my adventure alone, but now I share it with many friends. (Montblanc / Diabolos)

Remembering past failures is what keeps me ever vigilant. (Elmo / Caitsith)

I've met many good people since I became an adventurer. (Swishee / Quetzalcoatl)

Making the world a friendlier place... It's hard, but rewarding being a mentor. (Raelis / Siren)

I love living free as the wind, seeing which way things will blow next. (Hayatesumeragi / Unicorn)

It's an amazing life full of challenge and unforgettable friends! (Reike / Gilgamesh)

My goal is to be the most powerful being in the world! (Lets / Ragnarok)

I've met and parted with so many people, but that's life in Vana'diel! (Dry / Pandemonium)

An utterly green adventurer has grown into an accomplished comedian... (Blight / Garuda)

It's been a year since we met. I hope one day we can get married... (Yuzumi / Cerberus)

I became an adventurer to learn what it means to be strong. (Nekki / Kujata)

Idle banter is what I enjoy most. That's why I can't stop adventuring. (Koyata / Bismarck)

I'm new, but I intend to be as famous as the Mayor of Mhaura someday. (Nevilim / Seraph)

My dream is to master the cuisine of Vana'diel. One day... (Kenbu / Lakshmi)

Dazzling and spectacular! As exciting as it could possibly get! (Foxdragoon / Asura)

My adventures are full of suspense, action, friendship, rivalry, and discovery. (Teknoman / Midgardsormr)

Hello to all my new friends! To my old friends, I'll visit, so don't forget me! (Eisya / Fairy)

Reading their words, one can almost embrace the memories and feel the passion that these adventurers carry within their hearts.

It is unfortunate that due to space limitations, we were unable to print every quote that was sent in. However, a thorough review of these submissions revealed that the adventurers' thoughts primarily focused on the memories of their first days, their will to take on new challenges, and most of all, their gratitude towards the friends they made along the way.

The Vana'diel of today boasts a countless number of bold adventurers, whose undaunted courage will surely carve a path through the darkness to further glory.

The golden age of adventure shall continue on...

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Taken from: Vana'diel Tribune Issue No. 25

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