Start NPC Joachim - Port Jeuno (H-8)
Title Granted None
Repeatable No
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Heart of Madness Champions of Abyssea


  • This quest is flagged automatically upon completing Heart of Madness.
  • Joachim will ask you to travel, once again, to the stone circle in La Theine Plateau between dusk and dawn (18:00-5:00) to meet Gilgamesh. Click on the ??? at (G-6) in La Theine Plateau between 18:00 and 5:00 for a cutscene.
  • Return to Joachim and speak with him to complete this quest and automatically flag the next.

Game Description

Joachim (Port Jeuno)
Gilgamesh wishes to speak with you again, most likely regarding some grave matter. As before, make your way to the stone circle in La Theine Plateau at the time between dusk and dawn.

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