This template creates a content box styled after Window Type 1, the default window type for FFXI.

  • 1 (content): Any content to put inside of the window.
  • width (optional): Sets the width of the window.
  • style (optional): Additional styling to add to the window.
  • text style (optional): Additional styling to the text inside the window. Available presets: dialogue
  • part (optional): The part of the window to build (see examples below). Accepts either "start" or "end".


Code Result
{{Window|Shantotto : It's far too late for your foes to make amends, and with me at your side, they'll meet untimely ends!}}
{{Window|text style=dialogue|<nowiki/>
[[Ambrotien]] : Oh, you're back. Well, if you're so happy you defeated an Orc or two, you've a long way ahead of you!

[[Ambrotien]] : For one so new, I'd be... Hmm?

[[Rochefogne]] : Lord knight, forgive this interruption, but there is something I must ask of you.

[[Rochefogne]] : I question whether Queen Leaute truly passed away fifteen years past. Tell me, of what cause did she die?

[[Ambrotien]] : Who are you, and why do you pry with such inquiries?

[[Rochefogne]] : Please, I have traveled from afar to see Her Highness!

[[Ambrotien]] : You've what!?

[[Ambrotien]] : Very well. Listen closely. Fifteen years ago, Queen Leaute fell to a rare sickness. She left this world before we could save her.

[[Rochefogne]] : Ah, so an illness claimed her life.

[[Ambrotien]] : Well, it's none of your concern at any rate. Even if she lived, an adventurer like you could never see her, much less the inside of Chateau d'Oraguille.

[[Rochefogne]] : Er...

[[Rochefogne]] : What was the name of her illness?

[[Ambrotien]] : We are not told such things. Only the royal family would know.

[[Rochefogne]] : Is that so? Well, I thank you for your kindness, proud knight of San d'Oria.

[[Ambrotien]] : What was the matter with that adventurer? He was awfully stubborn, wasn't he?

[[Ambrotien]] : He seemed to know the late queen personally, but how could he not be aware of her death?

[[Ambrotien]] : At any rate, your work is done. Excellent form, my friend!
| Airship pass
| This pass allows you to ride airships
| to San d'Oria, Bastok, and Windurst
| from Jeuno.
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