This template provides the basic information for a standardised layout of prices of items sold by NPCs. There are several parameters which are explained here:

  • NPCName = ... This is a required field and should contain the name of the NPC vendor, leave blank if not a vendor
  • Allegiance = ... This is optional for standard vendors not subject to conquest, required for all others. Enter the City name.
  • Represents = ... This is for regional vendors - enter the name of the region they represent. Leave blank for conquest vendors.
  • ConquestVendor = ... If this is a conquest vendor, enter 'yes', otherwise leave blank

The following fields are repeated for each grouping and are for conquest vendors only. The first option is the text which appears after "When (city) is in" and the second appears after "Sells to"

  • Sell1_Allegiance = first place
  • Sell1_Citizen = Citizens Only

The final set of parameters are the prices themselves, which go into a single line:

  • {{NPC/Sells/Prices|item=[[Mithran Tomato]] |min=36 |max=41 }}

Enter the item name immediately after the "item=" and the prices in the appropriate fields. In the case of only a single price, use the "min=" field and leave the "max=" blank. Add as many extra lines as are needed, delete any that are unused.

The following is the template code to copy to your page for filling in:

<section begin=NPC Sells />
|NPCName = 
|Allegiance = 
|Represents = 
|ConquestVendor = 
|Sell1_Allegiance = first place
|Sell1_Citizen = Citizens Only
|Sell1 = 
*{{NPC/Sells/Prices|item=  |min= |max= }}
*{{NPC/Sells/Prices|item=  |min= |max= }}
*{{NPC/Sells/Prices|item=  |min= |max= }}
|Sell2_Allegiance = 1st or 2nd place
|Sell2_Citizen = Everyone
|Sell2 = 
*{{NPC/Sells/Prices|item=  |min= |max= }}
*{{NPC/Sells/Prices|item=  |min= |max= }}
|Sell3_Allegiance = any position
|Sell3_Citizen = Everyone
|Sell3 = 
*{{NPC/Sells/Prices|item=  |min= |max= }}
*{{NPC/Sells/Prices|item=  |min= |max= }}
<section end=NPC Sells />

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