This template is designed to be used on item pages in the "Other Uses" section, underneath any uses of Template:Used In. Use of this template should be considered to supersede all use of the trial and trial descriptor parameters in the Used In Template. This template can display far more than the limit of 100 trials currently burdening those parameters in the Used In Template. See: Teiwaz for an example.

  • trial NUMBER: Replace NUMBER with the valid Trial ID. This is they key used to display the trial on its own line. The value for this parameter is the descriptor and may be left blank.


| trial 791 = {{Resist|Fire|+5}} {{Resist|Wind|+5}} {{Resist|Lightning|+5}} {{Resist|Light|+5}}
| trial 792 = {{Resist|Fire|+10}} {{stat|Additional Effect}}: Fire Dmg. +5

Trial of the Magians:

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