| text = [[Jugner Forest]]
| tooltip = [[File:JugnerForest.png|300px]]
  • text sets the text that will be rendered where this template is placed.
  • tooltip sets the wikicode that will be in the tooltip when the text is hovered over.

Optional Parameters

  • If there is more than one tooltip on a page with the same text parameter, only the first one will work. Set the template's id parameter to be unique for each tooltip.
  • If you need to force a particular width for the tooltip, you can set a width parameter with any valid CSS dimension value.
  • Using lots of tooltips on a single page can greatly inflate the size and load time. If you set an ajax parameter to yes, the tooltip will not be loaded until the user hovers over it.


  • You can force border and padding sizes by setting their respective parameters to any valid CSS dimension values. The default is a "1em" padding, and a "1px" border.
  • You can change the background color with the bgcolor parameter (default is "#E9E9E9").
  • You can change the border color with the bordercolor parameter (default is "#A3B1BF").
  • You can change the opacity with an opacity parameter with any decimal value between 0 and 1 (default is 0.92).
  • You can change the underline style with the underline parameter (default is "thin dashed grey").


When using this template to transclude data that includes a table, it will break.


| text = [[Jugner Forest]]
| tooltip = [[File:JugnerForest.png|300px]]

Result: Jugner Forest.


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