USAGE: Define Complete-Color (the color for completed Titles), and Default-Color (for titles that have not been aquired yet). Each title line may be notated with "Done." Omission of any title, or writing anything other than "Done" for any title, will result in the title being marked as default.


{{Tavnazian Safehold Title Checklist
|Complete-Color = green
|Default-Color = blue
|Tavnazian Squire = 
|Putrid Purveyor of Pungent Petals = 
|Monarch Linn Patrol Guard = 
|Dead Body = 
|Frozen Dead Body = 
|Dreambreaker = 
|Mist Melter = 
|Delta Enforcer = 
|Omega Ostracizer = 
|Ultima Undertaker = 
|Ulmia's Soulmate = 
|Tenzen's Ally = 
|Companion of Louverance = 
|True Companion of Louverance = 
|Prishe's Buddy = 
|Nag'molada's Underling = 
|Esha'ntarl's Comrade in Arms = 
|The Chebukkis' Worst Nightmare = 
|Unquenchable Light = 
|Warrior of the Crystal = 
|Ancient Flame Follower = 
|Tavnazian Traveler = 
|Transient Dreamer = 
|The Lost One = 
|Treader of an Icy Past = 
|Branded by Lightning = 
|Seeker of the Light = 
|Averter of the Apocalypse = 
|Banisher of Emptiness = 
|Sin Hunter Hunter = 
|Dynamis-Tavnazia Interloper = 
|Confronter of Nightmares = 
|Breaker of the Chains = 
|Disciple of Justice =