This template creates a Wikitext table header cell (TH).

It is meant for use within other Templates where the Wikitext cannot be used directly.

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  • w: The width of the cell in pixels or percent. Examples: 100px or 10%.
  • cs: The value for colspan.
  • rs: The value for rowspan.
  • bg: The background color for the cell.
  • a: The text-align value.
    Valid Values: (empty), l, left, c, center, r, right, j, justify.
  • v: The vertical-align value.
    Valid CSS values: baseline, sub, super, top, text-top, middle, bottom, text-bottom, inherit.
  • p: The cell padding in any valid CSS format. Examples: 3px, 1em
  • pl: The amount of padding for the left side of the cell. It uses the same format as padding.
  • s: Any custom CSS you want to be included in the style attribute.
    Each style must be properly formatted: <name>:<value>;
  • c: Any class names you want applied to the cell.

Default Output

Not visible. This template creates a table header cell. For an example, refer to the talk page.

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