This template opens a Wikitext table.

It is meant for use within other Templates where the Wikitext cannot be used directly.

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All parameters are optional.

  • w: The width of the table in pixels or percent. Examples: 600px or 80%
    Default value is auto.
  • cs: The value of the cellspacing attribute.
    Default value is 1.
  • cp: The value of the cellpadding attribute.
    Default value is 2.
  • a: The text-align value.
    Valid Values: l, left, c, center, r, right, j, justify.
    Default value is left.
  • s: Any custom CSS you want to be included in the style attribute.
    Each style must be properly formatted: <name>:<value>;
  • c: Any class names you want applied to the table, such as sortable.

Default Output

Not visible. This template opens a table. For an example, refer to the talk page.

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