Code Result
{{Stat|latent effect:}}
Latent effect:
{{Stat|main hand:}}
Main hand:
In Dynamis:
On Earthsday:
{{Stat|inside nation's control:}}
In areas under own nation's control:
{{Stat|outside nation's control:}}
In areas outside own nation's control:
{{Stat|physical damage:}}
Physical damage:
Citizens of Bastok:
Vs. Beasts:
{{Stat|tp bonus|Jump}}
"Jump" TP Bonus
{{Stat|tp bonus|Ready|+100}}
"Ready" TP Bonus +100
{{Stat|effect|Beast Killer|+2}}
"Beast Killer" effect +2
"Killer" effects +1
Adds "Refresh" effect
Adds "Regen" effect
{{Stat|regen and refresh}}
Adds "Regen" and "Refresh" effect
{{Stat|enhances|Resist Poison}}
Enhances "Resist Poison" effect
{{Stat|enhances spells|Absorb}}
Enhances effect of "Absorb" spells
{{Stat|enhances potency|Cure}}
Enhances "Cure" potency
{{Stat|adds effect|Regain}}
Adds "Regain" effect
Augments "Reward"
{{Stat|augments effect|Reward|II}}
Augments "Reward" effect II
{{Stat|increases|[[Attack]] and [[Accuracy]]}}
Increases Attack and Accuracy
{{Stat|improves results|[[Harvesting]]}}
Improves Harvesting results
{{Stat|increases duration|Hide}}
Increases "Hide" duration
{{Stat|increases success rate|Tame}}
Increases "Tame" success rate
{{Stat|improves success rate|Tame}}
Improves "Tame" success rate
{{Stat|increases activation rate|Rapid Shot}}
Increases "Rapid Shot" activation rate
{{Stat|reduces recast time|Reward}}
Reduces "Reward" recast time
{{Stat|recast time reduction|Reward|+15}}
"Reward" recast time reduction +15
{{Stat|wyvern uses breaths more effectively}}
Wyvern uses breaths more effectively
{{Stat|enhances monster correlation effects}}
Enhances monster correlation effects
{{Stat|monster correlation effects|+5}}
Monster correlation effects +5
{{Stat|increases feral drain success rate}}
Increases feral drain success rate
{{Stat|increases breath damage}}
Increases breath damage
{{Stat|reduces spellcasting time}}
Reduces spellcasting time
{{Stat|converts hp to mp|20}}
Converts 20 HP to MP
{{Stat|converts mp to hp|15}}
Converts 15 MP to HP
{{Stat|occasionally attacks|twice}}
Occasionally attacks twice
{{Stat|occasionally deals double damage}}
Occasionally deals double damage
{{Stat|increases movement speed}}
Increases movement speed
{{Stat|extends chocobo riding time}}
Extends chocobo riding time
{{Stat|moon phase affects additional damage}}
Moon phase affects additional damage
{{Stat|damage varies by moon phase}}
Damage varies by moon phase
{{Stat|""|Knights of Round}}
"Knights of Round"
{{Stat|Weather|display=Rainy weather|:}}
Rainy weather:
{{Stat|Divine Magic|skill|+2}}
Divine Magic skill +2
{{Stat|Fenrir|perpetuation cost|-1}}
Fenrir perpetuation cost -1
DMG: 20
Delay: 200
DEF: 2
HP +5
MP +1%
STR +1
DEX +1
INT +1
AGI +1
VIT +1
MND +1
CHR +1
Trans Fire.gif +1
Trans Ice.gif +1
Trans Wind.gif +1
Trans Earth.gif +1
Trans Lightning.gif +1
Trans Water.gif +1
Trans Light.gif +1
Trans Dark.gif +1
{{Stat|magic defense bonus|+5}}
"Magic Def. Bonus" +5
{{Stat|magic attack bonus|+2}}
"Magic Atk. Bonus" +2
{{Stat|cure potency|+1%}}
"Cure" potency +1%
{{Stat|cure received|+5%}}
Potency of "Cure" effects received +5%
{{Stat|cure cast time|-10%}}
"Cure" spellcasting time -10%
{{Stat|avatar perpetuation cost|-2}}
Avatar perpetuation cost -2
{{Stat|blood pact ability delay|-3}}
"Blood Pact" ability delay -3
{{Stat|damage taken|-1%}}
Damage taken -1%
{{Stat|physical damage taken|-5%}}
Physical damage taken -5%
{{Stat|magic damage taken|+3%}}
Magic damage taken +3%
{{Stat|breath damage taken|-2%}}
Breath damage taken -2%
{{Stat|synergy damage taken|-25%}}
Synergy damage taken -25%
{{Stat|hp recovered while healing|+1}}
HP recovered while healing +1
{{Stat|mp recovered while healing|+1}}
MP recovered while healing +1
{{Stat|hp and mp recovered while healing|+1}}
HP and MP recovered while healing +1
{{Stat|spell interruption rate down|2%}}
Spell interruption rate down 2%
{{Stat|chocobo riding time|+1}}
Chocobo riding time +1
Haste +5%
{{Stat|critical hit rate|+1%}}
Critical hit rate +1%
{{Stat|dual wield}}
Enhances "Dual Wield" effect
{{Stat|fast cast}}
Enhances "Fast Cast" effect
{{Stat|Triple Attack|+1%}}
"Triple Attack" +1%
Evasion +5