{{rl|<item>|<craft>|<craft level>|<subcraft>|<subcraft level>|<subcraft 2>|<subcraft 2 level>|hq=<hq>}}

This template was created to help format the recipe links in the "Used in Recipes" and "Obtained from Desynthesis" sections of item pages, but can be used anywhere that requires quick links to items and their recipe skill levels. It provides a link to the item specified and guild icons representing the crafts. The guild icons are clickable links to the craft pages.

  • 1 (item): The item the recipe crafts.
  • 2 (craft): The first, highest-level craft required for the recipe.
  • 3 (craft level): The level of the recipe's first craft. See Template:Craft Skill for more information.
  • 4 (subcraft), 6 (subcraft 2): The second and third crafts required for the recipe.
  • 5 (subcraft level), 7 (subcraft 2 level): The level of the recipe's second and third crafts. Works the same as craft level.
  • hq: The hq level required to obtain the item.
  • nc: Passing "nc", "no cat", or "no categories" will prevent auto-categorization.


Code Result
{{rl|Goblin Armor|Leathercraft|36|hq=2}}
{{rl|Iron Arrow|Woodworking|27|Smithing|??}}
{{rl|Gold Thread|Clothcraft|???}}
  • None
  • Unknown
  • Unknown
*{{rl|Hard-Boiled Egg|Cooking|6}}
*{{rl|Bast Parchment|Woodworking|45|Alchemy|29}}
{{rl|Tarutaru Fishing Rod|Woodworking|65}}
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