Start NPC Kupofried - Walk of Echoes
Requirements Wings of the Goddess
{{{Jobs}}} level 99
Cait Sith (Mission) started
Guardian of the Void complete
Appropriate Walk of Echoes Weapon Skill Trials complete
Items Needed [[{{{WoEWeapon}}}]] or [[{{{Empyrean}}}]]
Repeatable No
Reward [[{{{WS}}}]] weapon skill
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Empyrean Weapons
WoE Weapon Skill Trials


  • Obtain the [[{{{Empyrean}}}]] or complete the appropriate Walk of Echoes Weapon Skill Trials and obtain the [[{{{WoEWeapon}}}]].
  • Equip the [[{{{Empyrean}}}]] or [[{{{WoEWeapon}}}]] and go to the Walk of Echoes. Talk to the ??? glowing on the floor to the far north with the weapon equipped.
  • Need VW clears of three starter cities and completion of Guardian of the Void.
  • Kupofried appears and offers you a choice of which weapon skill quest to complete. Select {{{Type}}}, then trade your weapon to the glowing ??? to unlock the [[{{{WS}}}]] weapon skill and complete that weapon skill quest.

Game Description

Kupofried, Walk of Echoes
Certain arcane powers known as "weapon skills" in adventurer vernacular can supposedly be harbored in one's body through the use of moogle magic.


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