Recommended: Level 60+ character, or level 50+ character with Sneak/Invisible, or party of 40+. Map of Beadeaux, Map of Davoi, and Map of Castle Oztroja.
If you already have the 4 key items (KeyItemCrest of Davoi, KeyItemYagudo Torch, KeyItemCoruscant rosary, KeyItemBlack Matinee Necklace) from doing this mission for another nation, you can be just about any level, as long as you have Sneak (Silent Oil) and Invisible (Prism Powder).


Ulrich reports

Ulrich reports the deaths of Raogrimm and Cornelia to Francmage, Iru-Kuiru and Rabntah

Key Items


Beadeaux Map 1


Beadeaux Map 2

If you wish to only obtain the KeyItemYagudo Torch, all you must do is speak to Paya-Sabya (I-8) in Upper Jeuno and then Muckvix (H-9) in Lower Jeuno.





Castle Oztroja Map 1


Castle Oztroja Map 3


Castle Oztroja Map 7


Castle Oztroja Map 2

The three magicite can be examined in any order.
  • If you are on the Windurst (S) Mission Howl from the Heavens, you will need to touch each Magicite twice: once for the shard, then once for the cutscene and magicite.



Castle Oztroja

  • The fastest way is to book warp by Survival Guide to Aragoneu > Castle Oztroja.
  • Travel to Castle Oztroja. Yagudo along the path go up to level 49 and will sight-Aggro to players under level 68 unless they are Invisible. Bats will also aggro unless players are Sneaked.
  • Go through the door at (I-8) to reach Map 3.
    • One lever opens the door, and the other triggers the trapdoor. You will not be able to throw a lever unless you are standing on the trapdoor. The correct lever changes every Vana'diel day.
    • Since there is a significant delay, an easy way to avoid the trap is to throw a lever and then immediately run off the trapdoor.
  • Enter Map 7 via exit F at (G-7).
  • Enter Map 2 via exit I at (I-7).
  • Light the Yagudo Torch at (H-9/H-10) to open the Brass Door.
  • Open the Brass Door at (G-10). Continue into Altar Room.
    • If you spoke to Paya-Sabya and Muckvix, you will get a cutscene with Fickblix. If you are repeating this mission and you skipped those two, this cutscene will be skipped.
  • Check the Magicite at the end of the hall. You will receive the KeyItemMagicite: Orastone.

Return to Jeuno

  • Return to the Audience Chamber (H-6) in Ru'Lude Gardens. You will receive an KeyItemAirship pass.
    • If you already have an KeyItemAirship pass, you will receive 20,000 gil instead.
  • Return to your embassy's receptionist to complete the mission. You will receive Rank 5, KeyItemMessage to Jeuno, and 10,000 gil.
  • Mission 5-1 will begin immediately. You will not be able to change allegiance until you complete 5-1 or reject the mission offer in the following cutscene.
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