Designed to supersede all the individual Infoboxes for magic subcategories. This template organizes all the pertinent information about magic separate from what needs to be known about the scrolls/plates/spirit pact 'items' that teach that magic.

{{Infobox Magic
| spell name = 
| spell type = 
| description = 
| mp = 
| element = 
| jobs =
| casting time = 
| recast time = 
| affected targets = 


  • spell name: As it appears in your spell list, without abbreviations
  • spell type: elemental, enhancing, healing, divine, dark, summoning, blue, ninjutsu, geomancy, song or trust
  • blue family: the monster family correlated with this spell.
  • blue physical damage type: For physical blue magic spells - hand-to-hand, blunt, piercing or slashing
  • blue skillchain properties: For physical blue magic spells - use only the link form to the skillchain e.g. Induration, do not use Template:Skillchain.
  • blue stats: For blue magic - list the bonus stats granted by setting this spell. See Template:Stat
  • blue trait: For blue magic - link the job traits granted by this spell as well as the points counted towards that trait.
  • blue points: For blue magic - the number of free blue magic points required to set this spell.
  • description: taken directly from the game's own description of the spell.
  • mp: If any, the base MP cost of the spell.
  • ninjutsu tool: Link the tool/tools consumed while casting ninjutsu.
  • element: If any, the element of the spell.
  • jobs: A list of the jobs that can cast that spell, as well as the base level required to learn the spell. Ideally ordered from lowest -> highest level. In the cast of a PUP automaton, list the minimum puppet magic skill level required to cast the spell.
  • casting time: The base casting time of the spell.
  • recast time: the base recast time of the spell.
  • affected targets: self, single, aoe target (most -ga spells), aoe self (most -ra spells), aoe cone (blu breath spells).
  • base duration: for enfeebling or enhancing magic, the base duration of an unresisted spell.
  • range: the maximum range from which this spell can be cast. Include the radius of -ga/-ra spells.


Please Refer to the Template:Infobox Magic/Tests page for more examples

Elemental Magic

{{Infobox Magic
| spell name = Fire
| spell type = Elemental
| description = Deals fire damage to an enemy
| mp = 7
| element = Fire
| jobs =
* Level 13 [[Black Mage]] 
* Level 16 [[Scholar]]
* Level 19 [[Red Mage]]
* Level 19 [[Geomancer]]
* Level 20 [[Puppetmaster]] [[Automaton Magic Skill]] 60<sup>‡</sup>
* Level 23 [[Dark Knight]]
| casting time = 0.5
| recast time = 2
| affected targets = single
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