This is a sub-template for {{Infobox Key Item}}.

It outputs the various DIVs used for formatting the Infobox. This allows for easy adjustment of each one outside of the main template.


{{Infobox Key Item/Wrapper|<type>|<content>}}


  1. type: The type of wrapper DIV to output. Valid values:
    • image = Image or placeholder row.
    • name = Name of the item.
    • row = Opening DIV for a row.
    • label = Information block label (left side. ex: "Description")
    • info = Information block (right side)
    • Any other value (including blank) will result in an unstyled DIV being output.
  2. content: Optional. The content to be wrapped in the DIV.
    • If a value is provided, a closing </div> will be output.
      Example: {{Infobox Key Item/Wrapper|label|Description:}}
    • If it's not provided, it will need to be closed manually.
      Example: {{Infobox Key Item/Wrapper|info}}<!-- lots of functions here --></div>

Refer to the code of the main template for full usage details.

Default Output

None. This is a sub-template that only creates a DIV element.

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