| element = 
| shape = 
| size =

Displays the evolith element, shape, and size.

  • 1 (element) or element: The element of the evolith. See Template:Element for supported arguments.
  • 2 (shape) or shape: The shape of the evolith.
  • Filled Circle: Shape FilledCircle.gif
  • Empty Circle: Shape SingleCircle.gif
  • Single Circle: Shape SingleCircle.gif
  • Double Circle: Shape DoubleCircle.gif
  • Filled Diamond: Shape FilledDiamond.gif
  • Empty Diamond: Shape EmptyDiamond.gif
  • Filled Square: Shape FilledSquare.gif
  • Empty Square: Shape EmptySquare.gif
  • Filled Triangle Up: Shape FilledTriangleUp.gif
  • Empty Triangle Up: Shape EmptyTriangleUp.gif
  • Filled Triangle Down: Shape FilledTriangleDown.gif
  • Empty Triangle Down: Shape EmptyTriangleDown.gif
  • 3 (size) or size: The size of the evolith.
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