• The following parameters can also be used, but are optional:
  • display: Sets the text that will be displayed. If this parameter is not set, the effect and bonus are displayed instead.
  • duration: The amount of time the effect will last, if different from the other effects.
  • cap: The maximum numerical effect a percentage-based effect will give.
  • cap base: The value of the stat when this effect reaches its cap, before the effect is applied (see examples).
  • note: Any special notes about this effect that should be displayed with it.


Code Result
Agility +4
Mind -3
{{Effect|Positive|Attack|+13%|cap = 31}}
Attack +13% (Max. 31 @ 239 Base Attack)
{{Effect|Positive|Defense|+10%|cap = 42|cap base = 420}}
Defense +10% (Max. 42 @ 420 Base Defense)
{{Effect|Negative|Medicated|duration = 3 hours}}
Medicated (3 hours)
{{Effect|Neutral|Costume (Status Effect)|display = Crawler costume}}
Crawler costume
{{Effect|Positive|Refresh (Status Effect)|display = Refresh effect +2|note = 2 MP per 3 seconds, 120 MP total.}}
Refresh effect +2
2 MP per 3 seconds, 120 MP total.