This template outputs the quest information for a Campaign Ops.

It also includes the Campaign Operations and Campaign categories in the article.

See the talk page for example code and output.

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{{Campaign Ops
  | startnpc = [[<name>]] - [[<zone>]] (<pos>)
  | requirements = 
  | minrank = {{Medal|<medal>}}
  | category = 
  | cost = <cost>
  | size = <min>-<max>
  | items = 
  | stars = 
{{Campaign Ops/Star|1|<xp>|<notes>}}
{{Campaign Ops/Star|2|<xp>|<notes>}}
{{Campaign Ops/Star|3|<xp>|<notes>}}
{{Campaign Ops/Star|4|<xp>|<notes>}}
{{Campaign Ops/Star|5|<xp>|<notes>}}
  | result = <result>
  | name = <mission name>
  | nation = <article nation>
  | tiers = <mission tiers>
  | related = <related ops>
  | others = <!-- no = suppress other nation's links -->
  • Without Placeholders
{{Campaign Ops
  | startnpc = 
  | requirements = 
  | minrank = 
  | category = 
  | cost = 
  | size = 
  | items = 
  | stars = 
{{Campaign Ops/Star|1||}}
{{Campaign Ops/Star|2||}}
{{Campaign Ops/Star|3||}}
{{Campaign Ops/Star|4||}}
{{Campaign Ops/Star|5||}}
  | result = 
  | name = 
  | nation = 
  | tiers = 
  | related = 
  | others = 


Leave any unused parameters blank to allow default values to show. It will also let others see what can be filled in.

  • startnpc: The NPC who issues the mission, followed by its location.
  • requirements: Optional. Any prerequisites for the mission other than the rank.
    Example: Region must be under San d'Oria control.
  • minrank: The minimum Campaign Medal rank required to start the mission.
    Uses {{Medal}}. Example: {{Medal|star4}}
    If a rank is not required, provide ''None'' as the value.
  • category: The Ops category the mission is under. Valid Values (case-insensitive):
    • Resource Procurement: resource procurement, resource, resources
    • Supply Transport: supply transport, supplies, transport
    • Security: security
    • Supply Manufacture: supply manufacture, manufacture
    • Offensive Operations: offensive, offensive operations, offense
    • Defensive Operations: defensive, defensive operations, defense
    • Intel Gathering: intel gathering, intel
    • Military Training: military training, training
  • cost: The number of Op Credits required to start the mission.
  • size: The unit size allowed or required to participate. Examples: 1, 1-3, 3-6
  • items: Any items required for the mission.
  • stars: The rewards given for each mission star rank. Uses {{Campaign Ops/Star}}.
  • result: The result(s) of completing the mission. Example values:
    • Increases Nation's Resources
    • Increases Nation's Reconnaissance
    • Lowers Enemy's Supplies
    • Increases Zone Fortifications by <amount>
    • Replenishes Zone's Resources
    • Increases Nation's Prosperity
    • Increases Maximum Resources
    • Refer to other Campaign Operations for more examples.
  • name: The name of the Ops mission without tier number.
  • nation: The nation that the article page is for.
  • tiers: The number of tiers available for the mission.
  • related: Freeform entry of links to "Related Ops". Used for non-standard Ops such as Cracking Shells.
  • others: Set to no to suppress output of links to other nations' missions of the same name.
    The links are created using the current page's name.
    Note: The links will not be generated if content is provided for related.

Default Output

Minimum Rank Information
Category Information
Cost Qmark Op Credits
Unit Size Qmark Members
Related Ops BastokSan d'OriaWindurst
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