Start NPC Nantoto - Lower Jeuno (H-8)
Requirements Complete 50 separate objectives in Records of Eminence
Repeatable No
Reward Upon examining 6th telepoint:
1500 Sparks
2500 experience/limit points
Upon returning to Nantoto:
Copper Voucher x3
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Records of Eminence (Quest)

Records of Eminence
Shifty Shades of Prey


This quest is tied to the Records of Eminence objective known as Telepoint Pilgrimage.

  • Complete 50 different Records of Eminence (see testimonials), then talk to Nantoto at H-8 in Lower Jeuno.
  • After the cutscene, go to the Records of Eminence menu, select Other, "RoE Quests", and activate Telepoint Pilgrimage.
    • If you skip this step, you will receive this message upon examining a telepoint: "You already possess the gate crystal for this telepoint." You MUST receive the message, "You have investigated the xxx telepoint."
  • Investigate all six present-day telepoints to obtain 1500 Sparks and 2500 experience/limit points.
    • Make sure that you are on the job for which you wish to receive 2500 experience/limit points when you examine the final telepoint.
  • Return to Nantoto for a cutscene and three Copper Vouchers.

Game Description

Nantoto (Lower Jeuno)
For adventurers of appropriate aptitude who have made a name for themselves through Records of Eminence: make a pilgrimage to six telepoints throughout Vana'diel.