Requirements Access to Tu'Lia
Key item from your race's tower in The Garden of Ru'Hmet (you must either be on, or have completed, When Angels Fall)
Current title set to "Warrior of the Crystal"
Items Needed Clear Chip (1-3, depending on number of desired Hall of Transference teleporters)
Repeatable Yes
Reward Teleportation device from Hall of Transference to Ru'Aun Gardens unlocked
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The Gate of the Gods
When Angels Fall


Step 1. Registering your Data

  • Change your title to "Warrior of the Crystal" for 300 gil by speaking to Aligi-Kufongi located at (H-9) on the main floor of Tavnazian Safehold.
    • Acquisition of the key item from your race's tower in The Garden of Ru'Hmet grants you the title "Warrior of the Crystal". This title is required for registering your data in Ru'Aun Gardens---which permits you to use the Large Apparatuses and green teleporters.
  • Walk onto one of the green teleport pads located at (G-9) or (I-9) in Ru'Aun Gardens with the title "Warrior of the Crystal". When you step onto one of the green teleporters, it will say, "Wel...ome, Warrior of the Crystal.". Select "Use this portal" to receive the text:

"Your d...ta wil... be ...gistered."
"Regis... ...omplete."

You only need to complete this registration process once; you won't need to step on both teleporters.

    • The proper green pad has a floating graphic and is located upstairs, not to be confused with the lower-level green pad that you arrive on later once activated.

Step 2. Teleporting

  • To teleport to Ru'Aun Gardens from the Hall of Transference, purchase a Clear Chip from one of the goblins located in the starter cities.
  • Place this chip into the right Large Apparatus located in one of the Halls of Transference. Then, step onto the pad in front of the Large Apparatus to teleport to Ru'Aun Gardens.
  • You only need to place the Clear Chip into each apparatus once in order to use it. However, when using the apparatus, there is a chance that the chip will break (especially if you use the same apparatus more than once per Earth day). If this happens, you must replace it in order to teleport.