Teleport is a means of traveling throughout Vana'diel. It refers to Outpost Teleporting, the White Mage teleport spells and teleport items.


By doing a Supply Run Mission you can obtain Outpost teleports. You can only do this when your nation has control of that region. See Outpost Teleporting for more information.

Teleport spells

At level 36, a White Mage can obtain their first teleport spells. These spells will teleport party members who are within range and have the required Gate Crystal. Recall spells can be obtained at level 53 and transport party members to Wings of the Goddess expansion areas.

Currently there are nine different teleport spells:

Gate crystals can be obtained by traveling to the appropriate area, finding and clicking on the Telepoint crystal located there (it must be the whole one, you will not receive the gate crystal from the shattered telepoint or the dimensional portal).


Consumable items called Gate Glyphs teleport characters to one of the following areas upon use:

Gear that features Enchantment:"Teleport" teleports to the following areas upon use:

There is also a series of enchanted rings, each of which sends their wearer to one of the following telepoints upon use:

As of the August 3rd 2009 Version Update, there are also now additional enchanted rings for the recall telepoints. Like the previous telepoint rings these too send their wearer to the following telepoints upon use:

The March 22nd 2010 update released 3 additional earrings for CoP and ToAU Cities (30 charges on all):

The June 2010 update released earrings for the original and Zilart cities (30 charges on all):

Finally, Return Rings and Homing Rings are enchanted with "Outpost Warp", which, upon use, will teleport their wearers to the outpost of the region they are currently in. To be teleported:

  • The ring's wearer must have completed a supply run to the outpost.
  • The outpost must be controlled by the ring wearer's country.
  • The ring wearer must be in a Conquest area with an outpost.

NOTE: As of May 2011 Update, most teleport gears' recast times became 1 hour. Further details can be found here.

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