Mission Name Tears of the Generals
Number 3-3-2
Requirements Ortharsyne
Reward Key ItemDrained orb
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The Crucible
Forward Thinking
What He Left Behind
Replay Cutscenes


  • After completing Adoulin Mission 2-2-1, Ortharsyne, speak to Ploh Trishbahk near Castle Adoulin in Eastern Adoulin for a cutscene.
  • The Key ItemDrained orb is received at the beginning of this mission.
    • If you have not completed An Aimless Journey, Ploh Trishbahk will merely state that she hasn't heard of a "demon jester" before. You must complete the aforementioned mission to receive the cutscene.
  • If you are on the Adoulin mission 3-6-1 Kumhau, the Flashfrost Naakual, you will not be able to get the CS from Ploh Trishbahk.
  • If you are on the Adoulin 3-6-3 Stonewalled, you won't be able to get a CS from Ploh Trishbahk, you need to win the battle and get the CS from Adoulin 3-6-4 Salvation first, and then you can get the CS.
  • It would seem if you are on Adoulin 4-4, after the scene with Meive, you won't be able to get the CS from Ploh Trishbahk either. She only mentions that the Orders have their hands full with other things.
  • If you are on Adoulin 5-5, you won't be able to get the CS from Ploh Trishbahk.

Game Description

Mission Orders
Iroha clashed with the ambassador, who claimed that the Reckoning rests on the orb activating. Gather information about Balamor in Castle Adoulin and perhaps glean some clues about changing the outcome of the Reckoning.