«FFXI-Movie» 0245 - Tea with a Tonberry?

«FFXI-Movie» 0245 - Tea with a Tonberry?

Game Script

Tea with a Tonberry (pt.1) - Southern San d'Oria
Sobane: Player's name

Your timing is most fortunate.
Sobane:: My husband has something he wishes to discuss with you.
Ondieumais:: You are the adventurer who carried out my wife's request?
Ondieumais:: She seems to hold you in high regard, but do you truly have the skills required to live up to that trust?
Ondieumais:: You would do well mot to sign an oath in blood so lightly.
Ondieumais:: The blood oath signed by the families of Mistalle and Revemel served as evidence of their duel when the case was brought before the royal court.
Ondieumais:: Both families were severely punished for thier actions.
Ondieumais:: This matter does not concern me personally. However, my wife's mother, who worked for the Revemel family, was accused of handing over that oath.
Sobane:: My mother is innocent of this charge, but her pleas fell on deaf ears.
Ondieumais:: Now perhaps you see why Sobane is so adamant in her pursuit of the truth.
Ondieumais:: Although I may be the head chef for the royal family, I am still naught but a simple cook.
I have no interest in raising knights and joining the noble families' struggle for power.
Ondieumais:: Whatever underhanded deals were made or plans hatched, it is all in the past.
Ondieumais:: There is nothing to be gained by staring at an empty plate once the food has been eaten.
Sobane:: I understand what you wish to say, dearest.
Sobane:: However, we must take responsibility for the future.
Sobane:: Louverance Mistalle must be warned of the threat to his life...
Ondieumais:: Even though you have never met the knight in question?
Ondieumais::As the chef for the Teulomme family tells it, the count is facing threats from some unkown personage.
Ondieumais:: For all we know, it could be this Louverance you seek to protect.
Count Teulomme would then be well justified in his efforts to track him down.
Ondieumais:: Louverance was raised in the town of Selbina, and has received no formal knightly training.
Ondieumais:: After reaching manhood, he traveled to San d'Oria with great prospects of joining the Royal Knights. His decision to give up this chance does not speak highly of his character.
Sobane:: ...
Ondieumais:: But it would be a mistake to judge him based on those facts alone.
Ondieumais:: That is why I would like you to confirm something for us, adventurer.
Ondieumais:: Is the person threatening Count Teulomme really this Louerance, or some other character who has strayed from the knightly path?
Ondieumais:: Apparently, the count has yet to respond to his tormentor.
Ondieumais:: According the chef, the criminal has said that he can be contacted through one of the Tonberries of Carpenters' Landing.
Ondieumais:: That is all I know.
I must return to my duties in the chateau.
Sobane, be wary of strangers.
Sobane:: Yes, dear...

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