(Other Uses: 678g sell price from Ghebi Damomohe with max Norg fame)
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==Other Uses==
==Other Uses==
'''[[Resale Price]]:''' 662~675 gil
{{Resale Price|662|678}}
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|width="50%" valign="top"|

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Target Marker


Target marker
A thunder-based automaton attachment.

Stackable: 12

Note: This is an Automaton Attachment:

Automaton Effect Req. Capacity
 Enhances accuracy against strong enemies  Lightning x 2

  • The current accepted effect of this attachment is 15% of an Enemy's evasion is ignored for each Thunder Maneuver in effect.Exclamation

Information The exact statistics of this attachment are unknown. It is assumed to partially or entirely remove level correction from the accuracy calculation, based on parses of a similar attachment, the Attuner.

Other Uses

Resale Price: 662~678 gil

Synthesis Recipes


Used in Recipes

  • None

Desynthesis Recipe


Obtained From Desynthesis

  • None

How to Obtain

Auction House Category: Others > Automaton ( )

Dropped From

Name Level Zone
Ob (NM) Qmark Alzadaal Undersea Ruins


Name Level Cap Zone
Pulling the Strings Level 60, 15 minutes, 1 member Mine Shaft #2716


Assault Zone Rank Mission Name  ??? Item
Periqia SL Wake the Puppet ??? Box

The Chocobo Hot and Cold Game

Zone Abundance
Western Altepa Desert 5.3%Warning(5.3%)
Eastern Altepa Desert 2%Very Rare(2%)

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