Start NPC Despachiaire - Tavnazian Safehold (K-10)
Requirements Dawn
Items Needed Letter from Shikaree X
Title Granted Sin Hunter Hunter
Repeatable No
Reward 10,000 Gil
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Dawn Requiem of Sin


  • Talk to Despachiaire at (K-10) of the top floor of Tavnazian Safehold, to get the Key Item: Letter from Shikaree X
    • The quest will not be flagged in your current quests. It will only appear in your completed quests if you are victorious.
  • Travel to Boneyard Gully and enter the Battlefield:
    • The item can only be acquired once per week (Conquest Tally) and it does not matter if a character is still holding the item from the week before, it is still possible to receive another one during the week after the old one is used.
    • Those who have previously cleared this battle can enter the battlefield to help without any key item, but will not receive any reward.


  • As in Promathia Mission 5-3-2, they have extremely high TP gain, sometimes beginning a WS one second after their last one.

Game Description

Despachiaire (Elders' Quarters, Tavnazia)
A letter from Shikaree X addressed to you has arrived in the safehold. It appears she wants to gauge your battle prowess in Boneyard Gully.
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