Killed all helpers and NM with a party of SAM/NIN THF/NIN PLD/NIN RDM/BLM BLM/WHM WHM/SCH. SAM and THF killed its helpers one by one while RDM and BLM took care of sleep control on remaining helpers. PLD took main NM away from the group and held it easily with Slow 2 from the RDM and haste from WHM. We got the NM to stop attacking, and received xp and augmented item chests from killing the various helpers. Rewards were 1500 xp, various ores and ingots, and augmented manoples with +1 acc -22% delay and Pet: +4 att/ratt. Main NM was not evasive at all. PLD managed to kill it to ~45% HP before its helpers were all dead. Did not see it use hundred fists during the fight. --Faundrant 20:50, 14 April 2009 (UTC) Bismarck server

Goblins in the Area

Whoever wrote this must not have been able to see this, but. You can't get Aggroed by anything while participating in a ANNM, So you can leave the goblins up as long as they don't interfere before you pop the NM

Attack Speed

Just tanked this as a PLD/NIN, It can be Slowed and Elegy'd, And once those were on this thing literally attacked like someone using H2h Weapon without Martial Arts. Its Was Easy as pie, I have no doubt in my Mind a NIN Can tank it sleeping, cause I barely dropped below 1000HP. It Did Counter Alot though

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