We just fought this guy. Tanked from the back with pld/nin x2. There were things i noticed. First, as rng, it seemed like it was resisting melee. Not like melee does low damage, but it seemed it would randomly do half, even 25% damage, like it was getting resisted as with blm spells. It would also open and close its wings. With wings closed it seemed to give me 25% damage more. I wouldnt say that it gets a defense bonus, as sometimes i still got full damage WS and melees. With wings open, melee damage was generally resisted less, but it had a huge amount of auto regen with wings open. it went from 94% to 100% in 5 minutes with us still damaging it. Incredibly hard fight. -Tidusblitz

We just did this again. This time it was incredibly easy. We have came to the conclusion that there is a NQ and HQ yilbegan, as with Fafnir and Nidhogg. This one was much easier to kill then the last one. The last one casted Meteor and Breakga, and this one did not even try to cast either once. The HQ one also used Dark Star more frequently. The NQ one did not use Chaos Blast either. We also found that it resists melees less while it is casting or using an ability. As its HP gets lower, it gets more resistant to melee, sometimes shots were doing 1 damage, then 90 while it was casting or using an ability. Rangers are absolutely amazing for this fight, We got TP straight off Yilbegan, not outside mobs, then Sidewindered as he was casting or using a JA. Each time our 5 RNG would sidewinder, it would drop about 3-5%. As far as the title goes, im guessing that you only get the title off HQ. But that is just speculation. -Tidusblitz

I can almost guarantee that the damage reduction thing on the front page is not true, i cant recall for sure and i didnt take any screenshots, but it seemed completely random except when he was casting spells, so verification tags should stay until someone can test. -Tidusblitz

  • Tidusblitz what zone/zones where you fighting it in? same zones ro different ones?--Lightvision 05:06, April 10, 2010 (UTC)
    • Weve done Saruta [S], East Ronfaure, and East ronfaure [S]

Used Soul Douse, cone doom, can be avoided. Sinister Wing, uses left wing in a knockback move. Dexter Wing, uses right wing in a knockback move. Dark Star, looks to be a meteor move. Dancing Tail, is a spike flail. uses blm tier 3-agas uses rdm debuff spells --Cecellia 21:53, March 23, 2010 (UTC)

If he uses a different move-set from Wyrms, should we really classify him as one, instead of just leaving him in the dragon family and giving him a different classification? Aok1313 17:26, March 24, 2010 (UTC)

I second that. Looks more like an ancient wyrm >.> --Zatias 12:36, March 25, 2010 (UTC)

This mob is not immune to stun, just highly resistant. My group got a few through. Also, elemental magic is... weird. I managed to get a few spells in for 400-500 damage, but most resisted heavily despite 330 elemental skill and Elemental Seal. I imagine it has some sort of high immunity to a particular element of elemental magic that changes for some unknown cause. Or I'm just awesome. But ES nuke shouldn't be resisted when normal aren't always. -Bee, Kujata, Mar 30.

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