Yigit crackows Vs. Shrewd pumps

I do not own Yigit crackows but I do own Shrewd pumps. I hear people arguing that Yigit crackows are better than Shrewd pumps or Shrewd pumps are better than Yigit crackows. I know the stats on both but in my opinion by just looking at stats I would say Shrewd pumps are better in in doing more damage because of the MAB+3 and resisting less because of the Elemental magic+4 but Yigit crackows has INT+3 and MAB+2. So pretty much comes down to is which will do more damage, MAB+3 or (INT+3 MAB+2). I would test this out myself but I do not own Yigit crackows. I hope some one response to this and people that fume over these 2 boots can come to an understanding. (Thank you) I made the same thing on Shrewd pumps as well. Click on the ►[1] to get to the page --User:Yamiomi JAN.5, 2010

  • To answer your question about which would do more damage, the short answer to this (I believe) is the Yigit's Crackows. The Elemental Magic Skill on the Shrewd Pumps would only affect resist rate and spell interruption rate. The main difference is really that the Shrewd Pumps would be resisted less, but do less damage(especially on high level mobs) - and the Yigit's Crackows would do more damage, but be resisted more often. In my opinion if I had to "choose" just one of these for my BLM I would pick the Yigit's Crackows, probably for the simple fact that they are much easier to obtain. The Shrewd Pumps would definitely be a nice addition for when you are having problems with resists though, if you can get them. -- XxxOminousxxx 10:32, July 1, 2010 (UTC)
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