There is a problem with this article, the walktrhough is not clear.

here is a post from alla on the problem, I had the exact issue:

"I talked the taru BRD, told him I didn't recall anything about his music, then talked to everyone else in the bar. Satisfied, I left and headed for Jeuno. But when I got there, Ruslan wouldn't give me the quest. I figured I had forgotten something, so back to Windurst I went. I had to talk to the BRD again ( and told him his music was unimpressive ) and then one more time for him to actually trigger the quest.

If you get it unlocked, the BRD will ask you to "please forget what I just said." Anything less means you'll be coming back to Windurst after you realize Ruslan isn't interested in you."

you have to say his music isn't impressive! then click him again, i suck at writing though so someone pleases update this page ;  ;!

I've never talked to him before. I just talked to him now and said his music was great; then I talked to him again and said I'd never heard his music before; the third time I talked to him is when he began moping. I'm fairly certain what you answer is meaningless so long as you talk to him a few times. Also, the NPCs that express concern for him are Yung Yaam (little Mithra), Yuli Yaam (Yung's mother), and Aramu-Paramu (Taru man at the counter). Malumultimus 12:02, 17 June 2007 (CDT)
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