ok so I have put a few things in this sack and not yet broken it. 1)pointy 2)jagged 3)round 4) pointy 5)jagged perfectly sound condition 6) round 7) jagged feels a bit taut 8) pointy 9) round shows signs of stretching 10) round is squeaking under the tension I stopped at 10 took it back and received 500 cruor and 60 resistance credits

  • I have gotten 1,000 Cruor and 70 Resistance Credits, by filling the sack to the point that it is "Squeaking with Extreme Urgency," or something to do with "Urgency," I don't remember exact text. I went Pointy-Jagged-Round-Pointy-Jagged-Round-Jagged-Pointy-Round. This order doesn't always get you to this point, the order needed seems to change each time you do it.
  • Testing: 4 pointy objects make it "a little bit taut," 5 make it "showing signs of stretching," 6 split it open. 7 jagged objects make it "a little bit taut," 9 make it "showing signs of stretching," 10 make it "squeaking under the tension". 9 round objects make it "a little bit taut," 13 make it "showing signs of stretching," 15 make it "squeaking with extreme urgency." --ScourgeOfAges 08:36, December 9, 2010 (UTC)

Interestingly, I tried to cram exactly 15 round items a second time, and the bad ruptured. There seems to be some bit of variability in the bags, or in the items. It could even be that I took a conflux to get closer to the crate and it "weakened" the bag some. --ScourgeOfAges 09:20, December 9, 2010 (UTC)

Yes, it most certainly varies as I've done this a lot while getting 5 levels, 6 merit points and then some from Bastion... Anyways, sometimes I could stuff in as many as something around 20 round objects but usually it is around the 15. The message with "urgency" is not always there, either. Sometimes it can be "squeaking" and after both if one more is added, it will break. The difference is that with a "squeaky" bag you get 500 cruor instead of the 1000 of a "urgent" bag.
I haven't much tried other variations, such as adding something else mixed etc. because frankly, I don't care that much as it does take a while to run there even with the conflux warping you.
I wonder if all the OPs give the same seals. Tried to do the chocobo one but that's close to impossible if no one kills monsters... And just from this there are too many different seals coming it's more or less pointless though but it is still nice that they added them. « The Noob Unlimited » 23:53, December 9, 2010 (UTC)

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