Soloable by a 65 Scholar/Red Mage, no items and through the use of Helix's. Was a long fight, took about 20-30 minutes total. Trying to nuke him to death will cause you to run out of MP, despite it taking full damage. Gravity stuck pretty well, so I decided to use Hydro, and Amenono Helix in order to kite DoT him to death(Klima, Ebullience, and Parsimony included.) This is an especially effective trick, because nothing can agro you down there while you're running, and you can charge Sublimination all the way back up.

Roughest patch I had, was when I ran completely out of MP and was low on HP. But Regen II and 30 second Subliminations helped me survive. It was alot of fun.

Absolute joke as 75Bst/Whm, you can literally sic Carrie on him and go make a snack, she will barely take any dmg at all. I'd suspect any job could easily kill this with no effort at 75.

  • RDM/DRK55, THF/NIN55, and WHM/BLM41 defeated with relative ease, but took awhile. Inability to Dispel Ice Spikes was annoying ( Paralyze ).
  • WHM/BLM52 PLD/WAR52 and MNK/WAR42 defeated it with little difficulties took about 9mins (used Chi Blast twice with a recast of 33 secs left when defeated)
  • MNK/WAR75 and the MNK needing the AF easily took down the NM with Formless Strikes active. Didn't even get to yellow HP.
  • NIN/WHM75 Solo with little difficulty, on Darksday.
  • 75PLD/RDM solo taking 0 damage.
  • 41MNK/DNC, 60 BLU/NIN Duo defeated NM with some difficulty, BLU ran out of MP
  • 60MNK/DNC Easy solo -gain 300tp from mobs before engaging, no weaponskills, use TP for Boxstep(helps alot) and Waltzes.
  • 62MNK/DNC Straightforward solo - also started with 300 TP and just kept on normal melee and Waltzes. Just be patient!

Soloed by 60Mnk/War using X-Potion+1's and Holy Water to dispel curse, took about 5 minutes and consumed 10 X-Potion+1's ended the fight with ~700 hp left.

  • Soloed by PUP75/NIN37 with whm puppet. Pulled mob from the puppet after deploying to avoid puppet getting hit by ice spikes. Mainly in AF gear, used a Coeurl Sub. Very easy fight. - Thydonon, Asura (R.I.P. Pandemonium)
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