Some info here for translation: --Ranzear 10:24, December 12, 2009 (UTC)

  • Stun rotation is practically required for Flood. As long as Flood is always stunned, and mages keep the PT topped off/Paralyna'd from the barrage of Mind Blasts, the fight is pretty straight forward. However, if the fight goes on too long, he may begin to resist Stun, at which point Flood(ga) will make quick work of the group.
  • Defeated easily with an alliance of 14. A skilled party of 6 could probably pull this off assuming there's at least 2 stunners.


I fought this NM with 7 people: NIN/DRK tank, MNK/NIN co-tank. NIN/DRK stood in front, MNK/NIN stood behind. DRK/THF SATA the MNK and potentially NIN/DRK. Had a BLM/WHM for Stun and Paralyna, a BRD/WHM for double march. WHM/SMN for healing and a RDM/WHM for healing as well.

If you can pull it successfully to the undersea ruins area, you can take it with no aggro. You can use Barwatera but I didn't notice a tremendous difference with barwatera on or off. Just keep a healthy stun rotation and this NM is cake. It WILL build resistance to stun after a while, so kill it in a timely fasion. 1/1 on the drop, thank God.--Willoflame 03:55, June 15, 2010 (UTC)

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