The description on here seems atrocious regarding trading the weapon for additional info:

" Prior to unlocking the weapon skill, returning to Zalsuhm and trading the weapon will provide a rough gauge on how far along you have progressed. As you get closer to unlocking the message(as you get closer to unlocking the messege? what messege? The final messege? better to say as you get closer to unlocing the Weaponskill, less ambiguous), the messages he gives you will indicate your progress:

   * 0~49 Points (0~49 points in? are we referring to WS points? Floor100 states 250 points required, and it also varies depending on the amount of floors you have completed). 

"I sense only a mote of energy p-p-present. You still have a long way to go, it seems."

   * 50~(Total Points less 51) Points Here is where you will be stuck for a while. If you are at floor 60 range will be from 50~1709. If you are at floor 100 range will be 50~199. 

"Aaah, yes... I can feel a marked increase in energy compared to when I first held it. Keep up the good w-w-work, hee hee hee..."

   * Last 49 Points 

"The energy is threatening to burst forth. It won't be long now."

   * 100% 

"You've done it! Energy is overflowing as though the floodgates have burst open!"

   This message only appears after the unlocking is complete, and is followed immediately by unlocking the weapon skill completely. "

Best way to state here is the range of points for the floors, and to have better descriptors for each statement.

--Malitia 19:58, December 3, 2009 (UTC)

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