I took out the line that said:

"It is not possible to farm Habanero Peppers prior to starting the quest. You can only obtain them from Mantraps after talking to Romaa Mihgo after defeating the Nasus."

This is incorrect, as I do not have the quest activated at all yet, and I have farmed the Habanero Peppers already. I farmed them alone as a 75WHM.

agreed, i got some (habaneros) and do not have the quest flagged.


      • Soloable by a level 75 job. It's recommended to have Cure or Sleepga.
      • Soloable by a level 73 NIN/WAR
      • Soloable by a lvl 75 SMN/WHM using Thunderspark
      • Soloable by a level 75 THF/WAR (Bloody Bolts came in handy)
      • Soloable by a level 73 WHM/BLM using Sleepga, Haste, and Stoneskin.
      • Soloable by a level 75 PLD/RDM very easy. Stoneskin dropped only once during fight.
      • Soloable by a level 75 DRG/SAM very easy with Seigan and Third Eye.
      • Soloable by a level 75 WAR/SAM very easy.
      • Soloable by a level 75 RDM/NIN very easy with stoneskin + Utsu + Sleep.
      • Soloable by a Level 75 MNK/DNC using eva gear (although may not be needed).
  • Solo'd by 75 Blu/37 Nin without any problems. Used Sheep Song at beginning and between kills. Utsusemi: Ni, Cocoon, and Refueling were only buffs used. Shumanfoo 11 Sep 2009.
  • Solo 99 DNC/SAM with very little difficulty. Took eva gear with me but didn't use any food. Killed them all one by one while having Drain Samba III on at all times. It's not a fight where I broke a sweat. Just had to watch what I was doing. Scrabis Anjali March 18 2012