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Like many of the reports out there, I had trouble getting Trust: Prishe. My Mission log showed I was still on the DAWN mission (even though I had done everything Wiki says to complete it), and hadn't finished the Zilart Missions. After a lot of work, I managed to get Trust: Prishe, but only after I did the Cutscene in Sealion's Den.

Hopefully this tidbit will help other people with their quests.

Same problem here showing Awakening/Dawn, and completed Shadows of the Departed (Thought that was the original problem, but alas, still no Prishe.) Could it be that the requirement is actually to have gone all the way through both storylines, including Apocalypse Nigh? - GK -- Edit to say no, just tested it on a mule, which has CoP done but none of the 'after-bonuses' and it worked fine. No idea what's the glitch then. Ah well, onward to Apoc Nigh, I suppose! - GK

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