• Solo attempt as 30PLD/WAR with Fierce Attacker NPC. Used 2hr, but only brought him to about 1/3 HP remaining before having to zone.
  • Solo by 39DRK/19DNC with Minor Difficulty.
  • Solo by 36PUP/18DRG with no NPC and Stormwaker frame, semi-challenging fight
  • Solo by 35THF/17RNG with minimal to moderate difficulty (used a lot of bloody bolts).
  • Solo by 34SAM/17DNC Challenging fight
  • Solo by 34BLU/17NIN with minimal difficulty.
  • Solo by 35SAM/17DNC with minimal difficulty.Seigan was used for the entire duration of the fight.
  • Solo by 32BST/16WHM Many pets used, stick to leech and pugils, crabs can be used but often die fast
  • Solo by 39WAR/19DNC with bloody bolts without any problems
  • Solo by 41WAR/20DNC with minimal to moderate difficulty (far underleveled greatsword skill) no major threat once defender went up.
  • Solo by 31BST/15WHM with little difficulty using Acrophies as pets.
  • Solo by 41MNK/20WAR with minor difficulty. Two hour used, yellow hp remaining.
  • Solo by 75DRK/THF with little to no difficulty. Souleater and Last Resort used in tandem. Blood Weapon not necessary. Tabar drop.
  • Solo by 39PLD/19WAR with moderate to minor difficulty. Invincible used as well as Sentinal and Berserk. Note: 36PLD should not fight this alone. With mage assistance, it is possible, but not solo.
  • Soloed easily as a DNC/NIN 40.
  • Soloed as a BST/NIN level 32.
  • Duo by 39DNC/NIN19 with NPC, No problems.
  • Duo with Sam/dnc and Mnk/War level 30 little hard Monk 2 hour.
  • Soloed by 34DNC/17NIN with difficulty, 2 hour used, shadows difficult to keep up.
  • Soloed by 36DNC/18NIN with Fierce Attacker NPC. Very little difficulty at all, and Tabar dropped.
  • Soloed pretty badly as a 42PLD/WAR. Was also using a greatsword for most of the battle with a fairly gimped combat skill. DNC may be a better subjob option for soloing this mob.
  • Soloed by 58RDM/DNC with no difficulty at all popped stoneskin, drain samba(samba wasnt needed but used it instead of regen buff), and enfeebled it(also wasnt needed but like messing around with weak mobs). HP never dropped below 1000/1048. Fight lasted 15 mins only because i wanted it to could have killed in like 4 mins if I was a bit more serious.


I think the PH is the fourth in the group of four. --Elwynn 17:24, March 12, 2011 (UTC)

Confirmed above. Prismfang (talk) 22:24, November 26, 2015 (UTC)

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