• 75BRD/WHM, 65BLU/DNC, 65BLU/NIN. 12 minutes.

BRD/WHM: Mage's Ballad II, Fire Carol, and Barfira up at all times. Melee & support. Was unable to dispel Crimson Howl or land any debuffs.

BLU/DNC: Aspir Samba, Steps, and Zephyr Mantle.

BLU/NIN: Cocoon, Utsusemi: Ichi, and Feather Barrier. Solo Reverberation renkei: Vorpal Blade (low 100s) --> Death Scissors (mid 100s) for full 50% water damage each time. Filamented Hold would not connect. Head Butt would hit for 30s, but not stun.

BLU traits: Conserve MP, Accuracy Bonus, Magic Defense Bonus

Hate swapped between BLUs, primarily tried to keep hate on BLU/NIN. BLUs used between 3-4 Yagudo drinks and sushi (though tested without sushi on another run and was landing hits just fine). For the most part all damage came from weapons with the BLUs using Frenetic Rip from time to time. Not easy, and Flaming Crush can destroy a rhythm real fast. Kalua 16:24, 20 November 2008 (UTC)


  • Ifrit can be easily soloed by a RDM/NIN and a 75NIN/WAR with good gear.
  • Easily duoed by 2 WHM/NIN
  • Soloable by 90 Drg/Whm. Got pwnd the first time cause he used inferno for 1500+ dmg but that wasn't on his weak day. The second time I planned on superjumping out of the way when he readied inferno, but missed my timing. He only did dmg in the 100s (on weak day), though, so I survived anyway. Second time around, when I had my routine down (and remembered those oh-so-important bar- spells, lol), it was much easier. Used no potions and still had mp at the end. Go on the day the avatar is weak.~Zazhi, sylph
  • NIN75/RDM37 can easily solo this, keeping barspells up.
  • An easy solo by WHM/NIN. Takes time, keep Utsu/SS up and use Mystic Boon where needed. Otherwise an endurance fight.
  • PLD/RDM owns this fight. Did this fight with a 75PLD/RDM, 75SMN/WHM (didn't have to cure once), and a 65BLU/NIN.
  • Soloed DRG75/BLU37. Healing Breath setup with Drachen and Wyrm Armets. Popped a Tavnazian Taco at the start and kept Cocoon up. Needed to Call Wyvern mid battle. Inferno did 206 dmg, Meteor Strike did 437, otherwise nothing to worry. Used a Yagudo Drink when he was around 50%, but probably wasn't needed.--Koukennin 03:05, September 11, 2009 (UTC)
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