Anyone care to post any numbers they've seen with this WS? PLD/DRK?, what gear,atmas etc.? Just started building Caladbolg and am fishing for information on its WS. Mortechai 05:55, April 5, 2011 (UTC)

I average about 2k outside of abyssea in dynamis/limbus etc. on DRK. I just stack up the attack and maybe vit in certain places where I can have attack on it too like p.body. I use Razed Ruins, Griffon's Claw, & Alpha and Omega when in Abyssea. I can't say it's the best combo, but it works well for me. Shentok 18:28, March 11, 2011 (UTC)

Added in relevant locations that this WS is affected by snow gorget and snow belt after doing some research. Correct me if I'am wrong please :). Mortechai 05:55, April 5, 2011 (UTC)

Yes Snow and Aqua will work with Torcleaver

I really don't think the modifier is VIT. i increase my VIT from 60-180 and it went DOWN in damage. I believe the modifier to be attack. I increase my attack from 990-well over 999 probably 1200 ish and my WS damage went up 1000 damage. This was on aby dolls in altepa.

Someone said to post damage of this WS. it does 2000-2500 outside aby 2500-3500 inside aby with varying atmas. i been testing a lot of combinations 6000-9000 sneak attacked inside aby with VV RR SS

Depending on the gear you have you might generally wanna choose a sub that as more vit, if you want to go with vit set up only youll be disapointed with this WS as the ws goes on range for around. 2000 dmg But seeing how drk as such magical capacity. It's very wise to use the correct support job.

I use /thief for Sneak Attack, and before doing ws in Vana'Diel, i Abs-Vit then Abs-Dex why abs Dex well very simple it's to amplify the dmg on Sneak Attack. I've hit from 2000 to 4.7k dmg heres what i use: Twilight Set . Apathy Gorget. Terrasoul Ring, Spiral ring, Jingang Hose, Afv3+2 Hands Atheling Mantle Warwolf belt(or Snow Belt), Brave Grip(for Crit Dmg increase from sneak attack) and Bibiki Seashell. Feet im still working on Jingang so i use my normal haste set up with a bit of attack on it. But of course if you use all your absorbs spells it amplifies not only dmg but Acc of Torcleaver. I have Caladbolg 85 not caladbolg 90 yet but it's significan that this ws was made to be with sneak attack. User: Geantvidchier 9:48, September 11, 2011

--- You DO know that raising DEX doesn't affect Sneak Attack in the slightest from /thf? Tagrineth 03:05, September 19, 2011 (UTC)

I like how people think Attack will affect this WS at all. STR/VIT or gtfo.

I see PLD written on this weapon skill lol--Masterdarkjedi (talk) 19:03, November 22, 2014 (UTC)

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