First time fighting, no previous data to be found I went to try for a waist item for my whitemage. Solo'd as 90 Thief, used atma of cloak and dagger, Apocalypse, and gnarled horn. Got str/dex, HP, and Agi/Vit upgrades. Fight was reasonable, hit me a total of 6 times throughout the fight, Evisceration did on average 1200 without sneak attack or other job abilities, I like to fight face to face when soloing. Used frog kick 5 times, seemed to get progressively stronger as it lost hp. Lucid potion 1 and 2, Stalward gambir, and monarch drinks used, had to use an megalixir at the end after a frog kick brought me down to 300 hp. Strangely the nm dropped a piece of Coeurl meat, which I have added to this mobs profile page. No belt dropped with TH9 on the mob.

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