Easily soloed by level 18 THF/RNG, Perfect Dodge unnecessary.

Easily soloed by level 15 DNC/MNK. Recommended to start fight with 200%-300% TP in case of Invincible.

Solo'd DRG15/SAM7. Started w/ 100% TP and 300% Pet TP and used Dhalmel Pie for food.

Easily solo'd as PUP14/DNC7 with Valoredge frame. No need for anything special - Myself and Automaton @ 300tp skillchained and took his health down by approx 40-50% straight away.

Easily solo'd by a 75 PLD, completely nakid, no special actions necessary XD

Duo by 14 rdm and drg, starting fight with half hp/mp, no real trouble, fairly easy.

Fair warning on this guy...his name is lying. He's only got two arms, 998 of them are hearsay and myth.


There are 4 Orcs in the tent area.
The Placeholder is the easternmost Orcish Grunt in the area and last of the Orcs on widescan.
Note that the other Orcs do not stay in the tent area for long.

Orcish Stonechucker or Grunt
Orcish Grunt
Orcish Stonechucker
Cheiroptera [Nighttime only]
Orcish Grunt [Placeholder]
Prismfang (talk) 18:05, September 21, 2017 (UTC)

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