easily solod as 75nin/war, with average eva setup including:

eva torque
velocity earring
nin hakama for about half the fight
rasetsu sune ate
rasetsu tekko
ungur boomerang
1 eva merit
total +7(9 with merit) eva skill, and 47/57 eva

when all 3 enfeebles were up, i was usually able to go ni->ni

--rOg \ TaLk 23:18, 21 September 2007 (UTC)

  • -Duo THF/NIN&RDM/WHM(THF with decent evasion set up)
  • Soloable by BST/NIN
  • Soloable by NIN/DNC with reasonable EVA gear.
  • Soloable by SAM/NIN with LV65 Soothing Healer NPC.

You can both still be completing the SAM AF quest "A thief in Norg", while picking your Tachi of Trials up. --Vervecroftmacca 12:17, 19 January 2008 (UTC) User:Verve

Needs confirmation, but I believe you cannot start "A Thief in Norg!?" if you have traded in your tachi of trails, but have not yet done the NM fight. Kiflaam

With RoV: Where to go and party setup suggestion.

The following is from my experience and is my personal opinion. Take it with both a grain of salt and realize your mileage will vary.

If you have RoV installed and access to Escha - Zi'Tah, might I suggest going after Eschan Tarichuk using the following trusts:

  • Trust: Ayame (Not the UC).
  • Trust: Koru-Moru (RDM: Won't engage the monster.)
  • Trust: Cherukiki (WHM: Won't engage the monster.)
  • Trust: Ulmia (BRD: Gives attack speed.)
  • Trust: Kupofried (GEO: Gives XP/CP +10%, which assuming you're still not a Master could be helpful. Depending upon your character you might want, though, another choice. Just remember to choose one that won't kill the monster to quickly or interfere with you and Trust: Ayame skillchaining.

An important note on using Trust: Ayame (non-UC): Once you do a weaponskill (Tachi: Enpi), she will be ready to allow you to close all future skillchains. (By going first you're letting her know the weaponskill you want to use.) Depending upon your gear and the job abilities you choose, it maybe possible to gain enough TP for a second (you) / third (in total) weaponskill and thus do another close (3 points). Should you do this it will change the weaponskill Trust: Ayame is expecting from you. Thus if you want to go back to a low damage weaponskill (Tachi: Enpi), you'll need to go before her.

FINALLY: Realize she will go (use her weaponskill) even if there is NOT enough room left on the monster for both your weaponskill and the skillchain. You may need to hold your weaponskill till the next monster (unless you only want 1 point.)

--IBHalliwell (talk) 15:22, October 4, 2016 (UTC)

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