Trio'd using two separate strategies. First set-up RDM/NIN, BST/DNC, NIN/DNC. Buffs wore on entry (except RR earring). Bst went in and aggro'd the group (attempted pet-pull with DY unsuccessful, they aggro'd before the Bst was close enough to use fight), supertanking with PDT gear (-36PDT and Phalanx II) and normal buffs from RDM. RDM and NIN pulled off the blms and killed them first. The adds have MUCH less HP than the NM, and went down quickly. Killed off the WHMs next (pulling them away to prevent benediction spam on the NM/other WHM), and then attacked the NM. Did fine until about 60%, where we weren't prepared for the NM's special move. All 3 of us were petrified and RDM and BST were killed, NIN managed to pull the NM away after BST and RDM went down and died in a corner, NM moved back to original position. All reraised and rested to full, BST switched to Falcorr and used familiar , staying away (20+ yalms) in order to allow pet to tank in case of petrification. NM used his move again and pet tank'd during petrification. Managed to kill it with ~8 minutes left.

Went and killed the NMs again for another pop, since BST 2hour was down and healing had been an issue during the fight, BST switched to WHM/RDM and went in with RDM/NIN and NIN/DNC again. WHM buffed and put up barstone/barpetra. RDM/NIN supertanked/DD'd with PDT gear and NIN pulled off adds in the same order. NM was at ~55-60% by the time the adds were dead, moderate curing with some emergency cure situations on the RDM were needed, but manageable. NM used his special move twice, petrification missed both times, however there was a time (due to stoneskin cures) that no damage was taken, so we were curious if it was because of the lack of damage (hence "Missing" the move) or the buffs. WHM had to convert once, but plenty of MP remained at the end. Killed the NM with more than 10 minutes left. Second set-up was deffinately easier. "MAY" be possible to duo, if heavy DD w/ pdt and a whm/rdm, but time and MP might be an issue. We got the Stoneskin gloves off the 2nd attempt. Aberrational (talk) 14:55, September 12, 2012 (UTC) Aberrational, phoenix server attempted 9/11/2012.

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