• It is recommended to have a competent stunner along with someone to dispel buffs quickly, because when hate is dropped after Autumn Breeze, expect her to be all over the place. As well, in case the occasional -aga spell isn't stunned, hopefully your tank has a worthy amount of -mdt.FFXI Authority 02:33, January 5, 2011 (UTC)

Q/A and Info.

  • Has anyone tried to stun it and keep it from reseting hate after autumn breeze? it seems its tp animation for autumn breeze is long enough to stun without much trouble. And if it can be, will it keep its tp and just follow up with another autumn breeze, making it pointless? Some NMs seem to do that, some dont. Not sure about this one. Absolutezro of Bahamut 07:09, May 25, 2011 (UTC)

I did in fact Shoulder Tackle every Autumn Breeze which stunned it, TP seemed to reset, as she did not try Autumn Breeze again right away. Casted 4-5 spells and then tried to TP. Morena, Asura 2/28/2012



2boxed with a little difficulty, it has some moves that can really mess you up. Went NIN/WAR WHM/BLM, for some reason Teugghia's paralyze is unusually strong when it does it. As well, while nukes with shell can rarely break 2000, for some reason Blizzaga 4 did 2500 to me on a lightsday, perhaps shell wore, I don't know, but be wary of that. --Nattack 23:08, March 6, 2012 (UTC)


The testimonies make this NM a lot harder than it sounds. Did with NIN THF/rdm BLM and whm. WHM buffs with barthundra. no stun needed thf(me) ate all the -gas. Just fulltime a mixed MDT/haste set. that and shellV from a whm i was taking 400-500ish dmg max. nothing the whm couldnt handle. the nm has a hate reset move. in which time the nin just voked it off mages. easy nm.

Removed from main

She has a dispelling attack that can dispel EVERYTHING! WHM90/SCH45 lost Affalatus Solace, Sublimation, Reraise, Light Arts. All but Solace are not dispellable.

Removed this as every effect listed CAN be dispelled outside of reraise, and honestly, that probably wore off. -Grm88 03:04, July 22, 2011 (UTC)

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