Just wanted to add we parsed several suzaku fights and the god has about 25,000- 30,000 hp. Im guessing the range of hp depended on its level but it did vary in between there each time.--Sabretooth1208 14:16, 21 March 2009 (UTC)

4 Manning Suzaku

  • Can be killed with 4 skilled players. Killed with 85 PLD/NIN, 85 WHM/RDM, 85 SMN/RDM, and 79 THF/RNG. SMN used diablos to give the WHM extra mp for curing. WHM stuck with Cure III and Cure IV and let the SMN and PLD help heal to conserve mp. When Chainspell started, SMN used Perfect Defense and negated almost all the damage from Suzaku's 2 hour. PLD wore a lot of Fire resist gear and the WHM kept up BarFire. Fight lasted 15 minutes. The wind did not land, so did this with the en damage still up.

Duo'd Suzaku

Suzaku is a joke now a level 90, THF/NIN and RDM/SCH duo'd with ease. When Suzaku used Chainspell, the THF just flee'd him around the island until it wore off. Yea you can stun or silence or all that, but this way was much much easier.


Easy Solo on nin/dnc and probably any other job. Meleed until 2hr, died, reraised, and finished it off. I used my 2hr to counter weakness, but i'm sure it can be done while weakened since I never got hit except for chainspell.